Monday, 10 AM and there's a problem in production. The site went live 2 weeks ago, almost without a hitch. Then at 4:00 AM this morning your pager went off when users 3 time-zones away were randomly getting bounced off the site. The devs say they'd love to help, but they need a repro. The ops team who are looking after this say everything is fine because their $50K monitoring solution says so. Every hour the site is down costs the company money. You need to know what is going on across all the web servers. You need to see if that new hotfix is dumping anything to the event logs. Looks like it's going to be a busy button

View, search, sort and filter Windows and IIS logs


text boxes and check boxes for entering filter criteria Filter events by a number of categories. Wild-card match on strings, plus handy short-cuts like 'today' and 'yesterday' for dates.


grid sorting of events in event view Sort events by event type, date & time, Computer, Source, ID and many more.


full text search of event logs, with clickable green rectangle showing search matches. Full-text search over all events. Search matches are shown as a click-able green rectangle the left-hand margin. A summary of the matching entry is shown as a tool-tip.

Single View

event log single view of multiple sources View Application and System logs from multiple machines, alongside IIS logs in one continuous list so you can identify problems across machines more easily.


event log chronological timeline view Timeline view helps you to easily see time-related relationships between events that aren't always so obvious in the list view.
  • Free version (local events only) & full version.
  • No installation
  • No agents required to monitor remote machines
  • two great versions in a single download
  • Customizable UI for working across multiple monitors